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+94 77 723 9068

Call us for any questions

+94 77 723 9068

Services at Pool master

What we do

We deliver innovative engineering solutions and services to our clients. Get started with pool master, We will design a suitable program for you.

Construction & Renovation

You’re looking to install a new pool on your property or update or renovating a current installation, Pool Master can create a state-of-the-art product that will exceed your expectations.

  • 1. Custom swimming pool construction
  • 2. Build Water treatment and bottling plant
  • 3. Filtration system installation
  • 4. Brush and vacuum the pool & many more.

Maintenance & Repair

We are licensed and insured and staffed with pool maintenance experts ready to keep your pool beautiful, safe, and swim-ready.

  • 1. Safety Fences installation and repair
  • 2. Repair and Replace Heaters, Pumps, and Filters
  • 3. Clean pump and skimmer baskets & tiles
  • 4. Water Testing & Balancing according to the standards., etc.

Chemical & Chemical feeder

We supply high-quality pool chemicals for your above-ground or in-ground swimming pool needs. We serve you better, we offer you more, our prices won’t be beaten – ever!

  • 1. Pool Clarifiers
  • 2. Chlorine & Bromine
  • 3. Pool Algaecides
  • 4. Pool Shock Treatments
  • 5. Water Balancers
  • 6. Stain Chemicals & etc.

Tools & Equipment

We provide a wide range of swimming pools filtration equipment made with high graded raw material for our esteemed clients.

  • 1. Pool Cleaners
  • 2. Pool Pumps
  • 3. Pool Filters
  • 4. Pump & Filter Accessories
  • 5. Replacement Filter Cartridges
  • 6. Pool Heaters
  • 7. Chlorine Generators

Spa & Hot Tub Services

The Pool Master has years of experience installing and maintaining hot tubs and spas. Call us today to book your spa consultation.


You can call us at +94 77 723 9068 send us an email to [email protected] to discuss and schedule free onsite pool consultation.